About Us

Artificial intelligence in E-commerce

Dialogue is an Israeli-based start-up that personalizes customer experiences through AI-powered message creation. Our best-in-class tech learns as it goes, running experiments autonomously to provide your audience with an engaging shopping experience as it maximizes sales.

Full E-commerce website personalization

Dialogue offers merchants an end-to-end solution that provides a richer and more personalized shopping experience that results in increased sales. Using advanced technology and extensive research in cognitive science we are able to keep and optimize your website performance.

In store personalization

Suitable for any type of online store, Dialogue's engine knows how to tailor to your users the products that interest them most towards a successful purchase. Dialogue works with brands and retailers from different industries, providing each company with varied expertise. Current customers include retailers in fashion, baby products, electronics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Auto-generated content

Every store is different, so we take great care to feed our algorithms with what matters most to your customers. Unlike the usual content on E-commerce sites, Dialogue-powered content evokes an emotional response. Breaking the standard a/b testing method. Dialogue takes a leap forward, creating messages to each individual user in real-time. Automatically. and Effortlessly.

Our culture

We believe it’s always about the people

Customer first

We put customers at the center of everything we do. Our care for customers is tied into the vision and mission of our company. We have even developed a robust system to process and implement our customers’ feedback. We love to grow together and be inspired by our customers. Our team will listen to you carefully and won’t compromise on understanding who you are, what your business truly needs, and how we can help you reach your goals. Once we understand you and your goals, we will take care of your in-store optimization, in the best way possible. Our quick and simple integration process will leave you and your team to focus on your other daily tasks.


We think outside the box. That is why we have built a whole new way to communicate with your shoppers online, in order to turn them into customers. The innovative Proprietary Journey-Algorithm is built on neural networks, combined with cognitive science methodologies and NLP analysis.
Our prediction algorithm connects the dots to predict and get as close as possible to the experience a customer gets when going into the traditional brick & mortar store. Journey* uses dozens of data points and incremental data, to analyze users’ psychological intent and reacts in every step of the online journey.


In data we trust, so we let the users speak their mind. Our engine is built to analyze users’ behaviour in real-time.
We track users’ actions in each session to constantly adapt the results throughout the user's journey. Dialogue's approach is able to harness AI to predict individual users’ shopping intent, even when data signals are sparse, automatically serving up optimized product content at scale. In this way, any-size online shop will be able to enjoy our innovative engine.


Founded in 2018, Dialogue is used by first-class brands around the world and influences millions of dollars in revenue every day. We believe in pushing boundaries to achieve the most impact-driven outcomes.The result is enhanced online shopping experiences and significant increases in sales. Using non-interruptive promotional unit designs customized for each store we work with, our engine works on a fully automated basis, saving merchants valuable time and resources as it boosts revenue.

Visually gorgeous

We understand how important the look & feel of your brand is, and what’s important to you is important to us. That is why our different products are fully responsive in design and match the look & feel of each brand’s personality. Our design team is dedicated to making your users’ interaction with Dialogue during their shopping experience as native as possible.


Transparency is important to our consumers and employees alike. As a company that strives to “brutal honesty” inside our company culture and out, transparency is of utmost importance to us. Making sure that every merchant, agency or service provider has all the data it needs at all times to understand to make the best conclusions according to their interests.

Trusted by world class brands

Our Partners

Behind Dialogue is a team of professionals that work night and day to make E-commerce better

Management Team
Omri Katz
Or Lavee
Rony Gur
Head of Customer Success
Investors and Advisors
Ohad Gliksman
Investor & Board member Dynamic Yield
Ofer Zinger
Co-founder & Investor Dynamic Yield
Ophir Reshef
SVP strategy Yotpo > CFO at Yotpo
Nadav Dakner
Founder & CEO at InboundJunction
Itai Elizur
Growth Marketer/Investor - SaaS, B2B, Fintech & Blockchain
Elad Mor
Founder & CEO @ MarketAcross.com, managing partner @ InboundJunction
What our customers have to say

Electronics & Home appliances

We started working with Dialogue on a certain part of the site and gradually expanded our activity. Today, the system is deployed throughout the store and we see outstanding results, both in sales and revenues

Lifestyle & Beauty

When we decided to implement the Dialogue system to our site we did so for the simple reason that we wanted to provide users with a better experience and improve site performance. While working with the Dialogue team we discovered their unique tech and the native way it implemented into our websites. We see the Dialogue team as partners who help us fulfill all our dreams. For us, it’s not only the outstanding performance but the dedicated people behind it


Dialogue has proven to show us substantial results, both in increased conversion rates, session value and time on site. Dialogue’s solution has the ability to generate content automatically and then personalize it, resulting a ‘hands-free’ solution that does not require any work on our side