AI-powered E-commerce Experience

We harness Neural Network models and NLP analyses on all user activities in your online store. This enables us to identify the most significant dimensions and hidden connections in users’ activities and to successfully predict each user’s intent through their online journey.

Machine learning based personalization engine

Using deep learning layers and natural language processing (NLP) analysis, we are able to leverage content and users’ data into meaningful pieces of information that help us efficiently predict users‘ intent with outstanding results.

Fusing psychology with technology

Dialogue combines knowledge from the world of psychology with state-of-the-art technology to find hidden patterns in the user’s behavior to predict what the user is looking for NOW. Imagine a combination of cognitive science methodologies with the calculation power and complexity of neural networks. Both work in sync to try and obtain the missing part of the puzzle - intuition.

Automated content generation

Our messaging engine automatically generates sales-driven messages dynamically and in real-time to each user. The most relevant message to the customer intent is presented. This breaks the standard A/B testing method. Dialogue takes a leap forward, creating messages for each individual user in real-time.

Synergistic in-store experience

Product page recommendations work in synergy with our automated rich content in the category pages, with the banners in the home page and the messaging and upsales in the cart page to create a seamless experience for each user.

Ongoing optimization

Our unique algorithm continuously learns users’ behavior to gain more data and improve performance. Driven by E-commerce conversion optimization.

Privacy compliant

We do not purchase data from third party services, we collect only the data produced by the merchant, for the merchant.