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Enhanced web experience using Dialogue AI

A leading lifestyle & beauty brand with global operations with over 180 branches world-wide, increases engagement and sales using automated content driven personalization.


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It all began in the markets of Provence. With nothing but an alembic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants, a 23-year-old named Olivier Baussan began distilling rosemary essential oil to sell locally. He expanded his production from oils to soaps to creams, taking inspiration from the land he grew up on to bring natural beauty to homes across the world.
L’OCCITANE is a global brand that believes in spreading its natural local roots of Provance to the world. L’OCCITANE offers a variety of unique face, body and hair care products based on natural ingredients that are all based on research and innovation.
L’OCCITANE’s customers are diverse and differ according to their preferences in products, scents and texture. When selling online, it is important to give the customer the same customized experience he would have gotten in the physical L’OCCITANE stores. It is crucial to truly understand the customer and his preferences in real time so that the seller can recommend and suggest relevant products.

“Effortless solutions that enriches our users’ journey on site and delivers outstanding results. The platform provides the most relevant product for each customer based on many different elements, and Dialogue has everything based on an AI.”

Hadar Geva

Marketing & e-Commerce Manager


Wanting to integrate rich content and a more advanced technological approach, the company searched for a solution that could upgrade the customer’s experience on their website.
The main idea was to use beautiful content that was already created by the brand for social media, to enrich the website and give the customer a more interactive and personalized experience when shopping online.
L’OCCITANE wanted a solution that could fully understand their customers, the way their beauty consultant advice in the L’OCCITANE store would. The goal was to create the same ability to learn the customers preferences and to adjust and customize offers and recommendations accordingly, in the online store.
This goal could be extremely complex and time consuming to achieve, using their current resources and without constant effort and attention .


After deep analysis , Dialogue understood the key to deepening customers’ experience on the website and were able to offer a solution tailored to L’OCCITANE from both a technical and visual perspective.

  • Tailored AI personalization algorithm - analyzes the customers’ deep intent based on actions and offers personalized marketing content and sales driven messages.
  • Fully customized widgets (as shown below)- that integrate beautifully in the website.
  • Fully automated content production - automizes content creation, and optimizes operations independently using machine learning technology, without the need for manual maintenance.
  • Witness results in real time - Dialogue provides full transparency through their user friendly dashboard.

Catalog & Collection pages

Beautiful personalized engaging content units presented automatically inside the pages.

Using media already created for social media purposes, and integrating it as an inseparable part of the website, creating a richer experience for the user.
The Storyteller is generated automatically and is personalized to each user based on their online journey:

  • A returning customer who’s order history indicates that she loves the Shea butter collection, will see a promotion for Pure Organic Shea Butter.
  • A new customer who is interested in the Most Loved products will be exposed to the best selling Almond Supple Skin Oil , maximizing purchase potential.

Product Page

Offering a new approach from the traditional recommendations with sales driven messages,based on the user’s engagement and sales patterns.
The recommendation bar uses atmosphere images, gifs and videos to add an extra touch and feel to the products suggested.

Search Page

Show dynamic and personalized content based on search queries for powerful search experience.

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